Designing, deploying, and operating services at Internet scale require new and innovative approaches. The ROADS workshop goal is to bring together people exploring challenges in building widely distributed networked systems with those building global-scale facilities to enable research on future communication networks, with an emphasis on systems that run on real networks, providing real services to real users.

We are especially interested in the interaction between simulation (e.g., ModelNet or ns-3), emulation (e.g., Emulab), and more realistic deployment settings (e.g., PlanetLab) to better predict performance or architectural bottlenecks when scaling up a distributed service on experimental environments.

This workshop is open to everyone wanting to participate in a lively discussion on these topics.

Call For Demos [PDF]

ROADS '09 will host demonstrations, with the purpose of allowing the participants to the workshop to demonstrate 'live' their contributions. The demonstrations are not limited to contributions associated with papers that are presented in the workshop. We encourage the demonstration of contributions related to the workshop topics with a primarily focus on engaging people in discussion.

Submission and Selection

Interested contributors should send a one paragraph description of their demonstration. The workshop organizers reserves the right to select the demos that will be presented within the time limited session. Authors of selected demonstrations are encouraged to send a two page description of their demo. This description will be published on the workshop web site.

Demos Presentation

The demonstrations will be presented sequentially to the audience in a dedicated session. Presentation time is limited to 10-15 minutes per demonstration. It is not confirmed yet if and how good the internet connectivity at the workshop will be. It is therefore safe to prepare an offline version of the demonstration.

Important Dates

Full Papers: Camera-ready versionAugust 14, 2009
Demos: Submission DeadlineSeptemeber 14, 2009
Demos: Notification of acceptanceSeptemeber 17, 2009
Demos: Two Page Demo DescriptionSeptemeber 21, 2009
Workshop dateOctober 14, 2009


NEPI: Using Independent Simulators, Emulators, and Testbeds for Easy Experimentation
Mathieu Lacage, Martin Ferrari, Mads Hansen, and Thierry Turletti
Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Wireless PlanetLab Node
Keon Jang, Sangman Kim, Geoffrey M. Voelker, and Sue Moon
OMF: A Control and Management Framework for Networking Testbeds
Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Max Ott, Guillaume Jourjon, and Ivan Seskar
Towards a Cost-Effective Networking Testbed
Nikola Knezevic, Simon Schubert, and Dejan Kostic
perfSONAR: Instantiating a Global Network Measurement Framework
Brian Tierney, Martin Swany, and Jeff Boote
Efficient and Scalable Merging Algorithms for Wireless Traces
Bilel Ben romdhanne, Diego Dujovne, and Thierry Turletti


Program Co-Chairs
Walid Dabbous INRIA
Program Committee
Mauro CampanellaGARR
Tom Henderson University of Washington
Dejan KosticEPFL
KyoungSoo Park University of Pittsburgh
Dipankar RaychaudhuriWINLAB, Rutgers University
Robert Ricci University of Utah
Bernard Wong Cornell University
Kenneth Yocum UCSD
Workshop Steering Committee
Marc E. FiuczynskiPrinceton University
Timur Friedman UPMC
Akihiro Nakao University of Tokyo